Apr 072011

Change the Following Sentences into Voice:-

1. She finds faults.

2. Has he brought vegetables?

3. He likes this colour.

4. I have hung pictures.

5. Policeman is beating the thief.

6. Have you not arranged money?

7. She does not believe them.

8. MTNL has disconnected their phone.

9. Boss is giving promotion.

10. She does not watch movies.

11. Are you not sending card?

12. She has helped me.

13. Have they made film?

14. I am not ignoring them.

15. She sings a song.


1. Faults are found by her.
2. Have vegetables been brought by him?
3. This colour is liked by him.
4. Pictures have been hung by me.
5. The thief is being beaten by policeman.
6. Has money not been arranged by you.
7. They are not believed by her.
8. Their phone has been disconnected by MTNL.
9. Promotion is being given by boss.
10. Movies are not watched by her.
11. Is card not being sent by you?
12. I have been helped by her.
13. Has film been made by them?
14. They are not being ignored by me.
15. A song is sung by her.

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