Apr 052011


Higher than, straight above
1. There is no fan over the table.
2. The airplane is hovering over our colony.
3. We are passing over London.
4. He jumped over the wall.
5. There is no bridge over the river in that area.

– They held an umbrella over her.
– Turn over the page.
– He ruled over a great empire.
– He has little control over his emotions.
– Spread a cloth over the table.
Famous all over the world, argument over money, consider over the application, fight over trifles etc.

Lower than
1. They took rest under a tree.
2. The books are under the pillow.
3. Please push this table under the fan.

– The water flows under the bridge.
– The children under 4 are not admitted.
– He has a staff of ten working under him.
– India was under British rule till 1947.
– Under the terms you have to pay the penalty.
– The matter is still under consideration.
– He did it under the influence of his friends.
– Don’t open an account under a false name.

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