Apr 062011

The most important moments are when you are grilled by an interview board to test your ability or job skills. Sometimes there are even two or three interviews by different boards on a single day before you are selected. Big companies do thoroughly test your skills. Have some interview practice at a training institute and with your friends.

And keep in mind the following points:

a) Reach the interview location 15 to 20 minutes earlier. Spend some time in relaxing – have a cold drink or coffee if there is a canteen nearby or just have simple chatting with other candidates.

b) Think that you are there to gain experience and you won’t bother whether you are selected or not.

c) While facing the interview board sit straight, with your hands in your lap.

d) When the board ask questions make an eye contact and listen attentively. Don’t answer in a hurry. Take your time, think and answer easily and politely making an occasional eye contact. Be honest and straight forward.

e) Never confront the board even if you get disturbed at any irrational question. Answer politely. The board may be testing your patience.

f) If there is an opportunity show your interest in serving the company dedicatedly with a willingness to learn.

g) As soon as you reach home write a thank you letter or an e.mail to the interview board. Do mention the post you were interviewed for. Show your interest in the company again. Don’t forget to admire the board for its wisdom.

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