Apr 272011

ROCK: Why are you so much tensed, Paul?

PAUL: Confusion is almost killing me.

ROCK: What happened friend, you are such a jolly boy.

PAUL: I have called you to discuss about a serious problem.

ROCK: Tell me, we can find out a solution.

PAUL: Julie told me that she loved a boy 3 years back.

ROCK: Does she still love him?

PAUL: She says now she loves me deeply, and that boy is out of her life completely.

ROCK: Then what’s the problem boy? She loves you now, so don’t take any tension.

PAUL: But I am unable to sleep or eat since she told me about her past love.

ROCK: The best point is she did not hide, told you the truth. Accept it. And at present she loves you only.

PAUL: How can a girl really love me when she loved some one before me?

ROCK: Did she tell why she broke with that boy?

PAUL: She says that it was just her teenage infatuation. When that boy wanted to exploit her sexually she broke up.

ROCK: Friend, please forget her past. She has told you everything frankly.

PAUL: Though I can understand it yet I fail to recover from the shock.

ROCK: You have to reason with yourself again and again, and accept the present. After some more days you will be able to adjust with her nicely.

PAUL: I hope it will happen.

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