Apr 132011

ANITA: I no more look attractive now.

RONIE: You have gained weight. You look like a walking football.

ANITA: Stupid, please don’t make fun of me. I am already tensed.

RONIE: I’m sorry. Why don’t you lose your weight?

ANITA: I have also taken pills on doctor’s advice. But it didn’t work.

RONIE: Pills are harmful. Natural ways are the best.

ANITA: Inferiority complex is becoming my new curse. I want to hide myself.

RONIE: Nothing is impossible in this world.

ANITA: You were also overweight a few months ago. You became slim and attractive. Can you tell me the secret?

RONIE: The problem with many people is that they want to reduce weight in a few days and start taking crash courses or medicines. It is not the right way.

ANITA: Now tell me what I should do.

RONIE: You have to follow three best tips and you will get slim for life.

ANITA: I can’t wait. Please tell me fast. I promise I’ll follow.

RONIE: The first tip is to maintain patience and discipline. People rarely lose weight in a hurry. The second tip is to do 40 minutes exercise everyday: 25 minutes brisk walking, and 15 minutes cycling. And the third tip is to eat less and add vegetables and fruit in your meal. And remember always eat home-made food.

ANITA: But I love eating out. Can I go for it now and then?

RONIE: You may go once or twice a week. But always eat less. Keep some hunger.

ANITA: How can you say that these are the best tips?

RONIE: I, my sister, my mother and some relatives lost weight following these tips. Now you owe me $500/-.

ANITA: How can a friend charge money for advice?

RONIE: You know people don’t value free advice or medicine. (Laughs).

ANITA: I promise, I’ll give you 600 dollars if I lose 10 Kg in six months.

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  1. i want to get slim without exercise

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