Apr 192011

MEENA: My English is weak. Can I learn it Online?

RAGHU: Definitely. Now there are many institutes which are teaching online.

MEENA: Can you tell me about the best one?

RAGHU: Wabs Talk is a famous English training center of Delhi. It is also having a website which has published good content. It contains grammar, English conversations, question-making practice, exercises to learn good sentence making. There are also many videos to help you in English speaking and writing. You can also improve your vocabulary.

MEENA: Why are they giving free content on their website?

RAGHU: Their motive is to help people access good content for learning English language online. They charge nothing for it. Lot of people from the whole world visit their site for valuable information. The site has quality content written by experts.

MEENA: But how can I learn with the free content without guidance?

RAGHU: Visit the site daily to read grammar lessons and conversations regularly. Now and then complete exercises or tests given on the site. Occasionally you can watch a video. You will start improving. It is so easy.

MEENA: Can I also get a certificate online?

RAGHU: Yes. For it you will have to register yourself online by depositing registration fee. Then you will have to write answers of the question papers provided by the institute. If your answers are satisfactory you will get your certificate at your home.

MEENA: It is certainly a good method. Persons living in any country or area can learn it.

RAGHU: But you live in Delhi. Why don’t you go to their institute for a regular class?

MEENA: First I want to gain some knowledge online. After that I may join a short-term course.

RAGHU: Their 30 days short-term course is also very popular.

MEENA: Your English speaking is excellent. Have you learnt from this institute?

RAGHU: I did a three months course from their Moti Nagar branch. They love to give you quality coaching. Tilak Nagar branch is near your home. You can contact them personally.

MEENA: I’ll go in the morning tomorrow. Thanks Raghu for valuable information and guidelines.

RAGHU: It’s alright.

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  1. sir please tell me how i can speak english online

  2. I Want To Learn English Speaking Online,So Could You Help Me? Please

    • You can join our online English classes. Please contact us for further information on 9311811011 or 9310001999

  3. Great effort by the whole management to help us this through free online course ..

  4. I like the efforts of the whole management who provides a quality education free..

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  8. My english is too weak, my grammar are not good and I cannot construct a correct sentences, please help me, I need to learn how to speak and write english language for my job. Thank you very much

  9. My english is to weak, my grammar are not good and I cannot construct a correct sentences, please help me, I need to learn how to speak and write english language for my job. Thank you very much

  10. pls send details of course to ma via mail.

  11. my conversation of english was not good,i wanna learn a better english to speak free online course plz help me

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  13. i really appreciated to this type forum are website to learn free, because lots of guys are not able to classes on regular bases, so this is very good idea to improve our self with time consuming. currentely i am working in MNC company but still i am feeling to i am not able to speak loudely , if our team is conducting Daily routing meeting which time i am not able to explain our proper or fluent. on that time i am feeling very bad, hence anoter new joinines are speaking good english. That time i am feeling very nervious. have all overy complited 2.5 year in this organization and days i was finally awake to improve our english.

    I know this is not a good or noted to my self not a bad time, boz i am going to searching to the anoter farm that time this helping to self to explan our ideas and exerance.

    So please give me any idea or suggestion to our improve my english and i am asking can i speak fast but to so somthing weel to me and my family or my village are feeling a proude.

    Thanks and B’rgds

    Shrichand Verma
    Maersk Line Pune

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  23. A good conversation. I am also improving my English online with help from Wabs Talk. Content is very useful.

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