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Part I Small cities, town, villages, colonies
1. They live at Press Colony
2. I live at Court Road.
(In modern English in is also used)

Part II Age
1. He retired at 56.
2. She wrote her first poem at 9.

Part III Time
1. We reached there at 9pm.
2. Do you get up at 5am?
At dawn, at sunrise, at noon, at sunset, at night

Part IV Near a place or thing
1. Who is standing at the door?
2. They were playing at the river.
3. The students are sitting at the table.

Part V Selling
The apples are being sold at ….. (mention rate/price).

– My father is not at home.
– Pakistan and India are at peace.
– Open you book at page no.23.
– At first they became angry, at last they agreed.
– He aimed at the bird.
– They were gossiping at the corner of street.
At school, at hotel, at head office, at the moment, at the end, at the weekend, at Christmas, smile at, shout at, at ease, at war, delighted at result, etc.


Part I on Something
1. The books are on the table.
2. There is no name plate on the door.
3. Let’s sit on the grass.
4. Don’t hit anybody on the head.

Part II Day and date
1. I shall come to meet you on Monday.
2. He will return this money on 5th Sep.
3. He reached on the morning of 9th June.

– He has gone to Mumbai on business.
– Are you going on picnic?
– On reaching home he called his friend.
– He read a lesson on philosophy.
– This car runs on patrol only.
– He was arrested on a charge of cheating.
– Nine percent interest will be charged on loan.
– They live on bread and tea.
– Is he on leave now-a-days?
– The factory was on fire.

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