Apr 012011


Part I Place/direction
1. Who is going to market?
2. They are going to America in May.

Part II Before a verb
1. He wants to go there.
2. To take exercise is good for health.

Part III Time
1. He works from 9am to 7pm.
2. They lived in our house from April 1996 to June 1999.
3. It is ten minutes to five.

– She is secretary to the managing director.
– He won by five goals to three.
– Don’t compare it to her.
– I prefer tea to coffee.
– This machine is superior to that.
– There are 100 centimeters to the meter
– She is devoted to her family


Part I Place
1. They have just come from Mumbai.
2. Withdraw money from the bank.

Part II Person
1. You can borrow money from your friend.
2. I have taken this book from Raja.

Part III Time
1. He works from morning till evening.
2. We shall start this work from Monday.

Part IV Source
1. The light comes from the sun.
2. She has taken the story from this book.

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