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Part I inside something
1. They are sitting in the room.
2. There is no pencil in the box.
in the street, in the sky, in the newspaper, in the bed, in the fire, etc.

Part II with countries and big cities etc.
1. He lives in Delhi.
2. They opened a shop in America.
3. It is the highest mountain in the world.

Part III – Time
1. He will complete this work in three months.
2. We shall buy a new car in October.
In the morning, In the afternoon, In the evening, in the past, in 2001 etc.

– He has faith in God.
– They were bathing in the river.
– They are interested in reading books.
– He has spent his life in politics.
In uniform, in the rain, in English, in ink, in groups, in rows, in two parts, in thousands, in cash, in loud voice, in business, etc.


Movement from out side to inside.

1. They went into the room.
2. He poured coffee into the cups.

– He translated the story into English.
– Turn this portion ino a study room.
– He came into power two years ago.
– Fold the napkins into triangles.

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  1. this site is too good….. my doubt of where to use in and into has been completely vanished… thank you so much….

  2. This site is too good………..

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  4. Good examples. I like your job for understanding the difference between in and into..thanks for sharing info here

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