Apr 012011


belonging to, concerning
Part I – Relation
1. Who is the owner of this car?
2. Has he become the manager of this bank?
3. This is the responsibility of a nurse.
4. The people of this area love to grow plants.

Part II – Material
1. The ring is made of gold.
2. I bought a shirt made of cotton.

– I have never heard of such a place.
– She is a lover of classical music.
– The love of mother is necessary for a child.
– Has he any hope of victory?
– Two of them stayed there.
– He came to meet me on the first of July.
– She died of cancer.
– Is there any cure of drug-addiction?
– He completed BA at the age of 19.
– My father is professor of English.


Part I – Separation
1. The button of my shirt has come off.
2. He fell off a ladder.
3. Please keep off the grass.

Part II – Disconnection
1. Who cut off the telephone wire ?
2. Please switch off the T.V.

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