Apr 012011


Part I Person
1. He is sitting with his friends.
2. Were you quarrelling with your neighbors?

Part II Instruments/Things
1. Wear this tie with yellow shirt.
2. Why did you beat him with a stick?

– He played with skill.
– I am pleased with your decision.
– We left with our father’s permission.
– My brother is sick with flu.
– Everybody grows older with the days.
– I can complete this work with your help.
– Was the child trembling with fear?
– With all her faults I still liked her.


in the specified period, area etc.
1. He will come back within ten minutes.
2. Did you pay off the loan within an year?
3. Please live within your rights.
4. He finds it hard to live within his income.
5. Please keep this information within the family.

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