Apr 052011

Past Indefinite

I thought a new idea.
A new idea was thought by me.

Her parents did not discourage her.
She was not discouraged by her parents.

Did you water the plants?
Were the plants watered by you?

Did they not plan anything?
Was anything not planned by them?

Who taught you?
By whom were you taught?

Past Continuous

He was reading a book.
A book was being read by him.

They were not guiding us.
We were not being guided by them.

Was she ignoring you?
Were you being ignored by her?

Were children not troubling you?
Were you not being troubled by children?

What were your parents thinking?
What was being thought by your parents?

Past Perfect

He had taken rest.
Rest had been taken by him.

Honey had opened the box.
The box had been opened by Honey.

The students had completed three exercises.
Three exercises had been completed by the students.

I had helped my friends in crisis.
My friends had been helped in crisis by me.

My father had joined a new company at that time.
A new company had been joined by my father at that time.

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