Apr 102011

RAGINI: Hi Suman, how are you?

SUMAN: I’m fine Ragini. I’m so glad to meet you.

RAGINI: Where are you going?

SUMAN: I’m going to market.

RAGINI: What are you doing these days?

SUMAN: Searching for job. But I always fail in an interview.

RAGINI: I advised you to improve your English first. You know it’s so difficult to get a job till you are able to speak well.

SUMAN: I have joined an English learning institute in West Delhi. But I am not improving much. I’m not satisfied with the training. You speak good English. From where did you learn?

RAGINI: From Wabs Talk. It is the best institute to learn Spoken English. They also teach you how to make good sentences in a very easy way.

SUMAN: It is far from our home.

RAGINI: But what’s the use of learning from a center near your home if you are not satisfied. It’s just wastage of time and money. If you join Wabs Talk a bright career is assured.

SUMAN: I regret I didn’t follow your advice. Now I’ll join Wabs. My parents always say to learn something from Ragini. She is working in a multi-national company and earning a lot of money. And, I’m nothing. I can’t even get through an interview.

RAGINI: You need confidence building in communication skills. Wabs Talk gives you a magic touch. Just try it for one month.

SUMAN: We passed BA together last year. But you are so successful in your career. I’m still struggling. Now I have decided to follow your advice. Thank God you met me today and inspired me again.

RAGINI: You are also intelligent Suman. You just need a good guidance. I hope you will also be able to speak fluent English soon.

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  1. how can i join .where is this institute.anyone can share contact number.
    i want join Wabs Talk but how .please send me contact number of Wabs Talk .

  2. i want to improve my communication skills so it will realy benefited for me.

  3. yes its useful i want to continue

  4. sir/madam
    I want to learn to speak English online, please help me.

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