May 192011

PREETI: Why don’t you accompany me to the USA?

MONTY: To do MBA in Harvard Business School?

PREETI: Of course! It’s guarantee of top career in business administration.

MONTY: I disagree.

PREETI: In my relations, an MBA from Harvard is getting a salary of rupees two lakh every month. You are missing a golden career.

MONTY: Just to become a servant of a company you want me to go to America and waste two years of my golden youth.

PREETI: No body should be your well-wisher; you are crazy.

MONTY: MBAs like you become servants of companies, while non-MBAs like me become bosses.

PREETI: You always drag me into a debate. If you don’t want to go it’s your choice. I am going as my decision is final.

MONTY: I won’t hold you if you have decided to join the flock of failed people.

PREETI: Have you gone mad Monty? MBAs are cream of our society and you are calling them failures. Moreover having a degree from Harvard is considered very prestigious.

MONTY: You don’t actually understand. Let me explain with a simple story. There were two friends having equal IQ. One didn’t have money to pursue studies, therefore he started selling paper notebooks to bookshops. Another friend did his graduation, and MBA. Both used their mental energy equally in a positive way. After five years the man who completed MBA successfully, joined the company of the notebook seller as an assistant manager. Because after five years the notebook seller was manufacturing his own note books and exporting. He had become a successful business man. Are you ready to learn from this simple story?

PREETI: I am not interested in your stories. Keep writing these stories. You may become a writer. And I’ll join a big company after coming from the U.S.A.

MONTY: And I would like to make you an offer to join my company.

PREETI: Though your talking is unrealistic, yet I must praise your confidence.

MONTY: You must……… Confidence is the key to success.

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