May 152011

ARTI: Good morning dad!

DAD: Good morning my daughter!

ARTI: Dad, I have to talk to you.

DAD: Sit down Arti. You look serious. What’s your problem?

ARTI: Dad, would you please increase my pocket money?

DAD: You are already getting enough pocket money.

ARTI: Dad, I have been getting the same amount for last two years.

DAD: You should l manage with the amount you are getting. I can’t give you more.

ARTI: I am finding it difficult. Things are so costly. Most of my friends get more than double the amount what I get.

DAD: You can control your personal expenses. Moreover, there is no need to go out with your friends.

ARTI: But life will be so boring without some entertainment with friends. Please dad, understand my problem.

DAD: You know my income is limited. I also find it difficult to make both ends meet. It may not be possible for me to increase your pocket money.

ARTI: Then it’s ok. I shall try to manage.

DAD: Why dont you do one thing?

ARTI: What?

DAD: Start taking tuitions in the evening. If children earn their own pocket money it will reduce burden on parents.

ARTI: Yes, father. It would be better. By this way I can also share your responsibility.

DAD: May God bless you my child!

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