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Whether you have to speak in English fluently, appear for an interview or do business you need to be confident in your ability. Lack of confidence can be the biggest handicap for a person. It is almost impossible to succeed without self-confidence.

According to famous American celebrity Sophia Loren: “Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so much further than people with vastly superior talent.” It is the truth that reveals the reason behind so many persons getting more success although they may be inferior in talent than you.

Actually a man with confidence is able to communicate more powerfully with simple sentences. Confidence generates a sort of magnet in his simple words. Their enthusiastic communication touches the heart of readers who come back to read more of their writings. This is the reason why confident persons are generally successful in running business or getting good jobs. Another benefit of self-confidence is that it draws friends to you – both male and female. A confident persons is always successful in dating too.

In ancient times although the means of communication and transport were few and very slow yet the religions spread at astonishing speed to far-off corners of the world. It was the miracle of the law of faith. A religion always demands unquestioning and committed faith in Guru and God. The whole energy of the followers is expected to nurture the grand tree of religion. Even in modern world see the new religious gurus. They are very successful although your children may be having more talent.

Absolute faith transforms your mind and body into a powerful magnet. It attracts the desired object towards you. And consequently you become more successful. It is wisely said that faith can conquer the world.

Any person can attain self-confidence by following a few simple steps.


The best words to gain confidence are very simple: I can do it. Repeat these words as often as you can. Whenever you feel unable to do a particular work say to yourself: I can do it. Close the windows and doors of your room and shout: I can do it. Go to a lonely area and shout: I can do it. This process will change your mental programming slowing but surely and gradually fill confidence in you.


If you have fear of driving the only solution is to practice driving more and more. If you fear to speak English in front of others you just need to speak more and more. Start from your family members and friends. In the beginning speak a few sentences then try to speak more. In case you hesitate to assert yourself you can overcome it by trying again and again. Just repeating the action will help you to gain confidence to do the task in a better way.


Sometimes people lack confidence because they lack knowledge. In such a case get knowledge. Read books, newspapers or magazines. Get training from an institute. Discuss with others. When you have enough knowledge about a subject or work you feel more confident.


The next good step to gain self-confidence is to imagine that you are confident and succeeding. Do this exercise of imagining twice a day.


Famous psychologist William James advocated principle acting. Even if you don’t have any confidence in you try to act daily that you are having it. You have to do it intentionally. Stand in front of a mirror and replace your gestures into the gestures of a very confident persons. Intentionally and firmly fill the feeling of confidence in you. Try to act confidently for some time.

Follow the above suggestions till you become really very confident, and start gaining success in life. After that your sub-conscious mind will take charge and do the work of strengthening your new programming of gaining self-confidence.

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