May 122011

MOHAN: Do you think we can remove corruption from our country?

RUPALI: Definitely. People are fed up of it.

MOHAN: But it is not an easy task. Demon of corruption is very powerful.

RUPALI: Who can forget the support Anna Hazare got recently. Even I was surprised. People need an honest fighter against corruption.

MOHAN: But the wicked politicians play their dirty games to fail any movement. Honest groups can not fight them for long. They have to waste a lot of energy in fighting false accusations and legal cases.

RUPALI: Do you want to say the present movement of great Anna Hazare will also fail?

MOHAN: Yes. Every anti-corruption movement in the history has failed. Wings of corruption are even bigger now.

RUPALI: But if we fight with unity we can kill the demon of corruption. Our corrupt politicians like ex-minister A.Raja and Suresh Kalmadi are already in jaws of law.

MOHAN: They have made thousands of crores and it will not be easy to keep them behind bars for long. They have enough power to erase evidence and witness.

RUPALI: But if people don’t fight, the corrupt politicians will ruin this country and keep sucking the blood of the people.

MOHAN: I don’t say we should not fight. Because tough fight will be able to control corruption to some extent. Though you can not end it.

RUPALI: Lok Pal Bill, for which Anna Hazare is fighting, will be able to control corruption in politics. Don’t you think so?

MOHAN: As most of politicians are corrupt they will not let the bill get passed in parliament in its original form. They will try to keep loopholes so that it is not easy to punish any politician or powerful bureaucrat.

RUPALI: I think you are right. But the ways must be found to make strict laws so that nobody dare to indulge in corruption.

MOHAN: There is only one hope. If more good people enter politics with a determination and work in cooperation only then we can weaken the demon of corruption.

RUPALI: It may happen in near future because most people want honest administration in this country.

MOHAN: At least we should not lose hope. Hope keeps the frustration away.

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