May 222011

TINA: I am not punctual I know, but I can’t change my habit.

ROHAN: We are slaves of our habits which we developed in childhood or during our teenage years. You are not punctual, my friend loves to eat junk food, I was a late-riser.

TINA: It is said every problem has a solution. Can’t I become punctual? I try my best but I feel like a chained animal, helpless.

ROHAN: Your will power is weak like most of the people. If you are able to make your will power strong you can change your habit, or develop a new habit very fast.

TINA: Have you an idea to help me? How can I do it?

ROHAN: One of the most brilliant psychologists in the world William James has suggested to do some exercises, even if they are useless, to train your will. It helps a person to improve habits as well as personality.

TINA: If you know please tell me.

ROHAN: I have been captain of my college football team. Our coach told us about formula of William James. Often take small decisions and act upon them. For example, stand on a chair or stare at a positive picture for five minutes daily for a few days. Or do some new exercise. Or see yourself in a mirror and speak positive about you. Or clean the door. In brief, everyday do any activity for a few minutes. Change the activity after a few days. It will train your will, and you will develop the ability to change habits.

TINA: This idea is unbelievably simple. Will this really help me?

ROHAN: It helped me and many other players. I still use it to train my will further. Moreover, there is no reason to doubt a great teacher of practical psychology.

TINA: I shall follow it, I promise. I am feeling more confident. Thank’u Rohan.

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