Jun 292011

PREETI: Hi Lucky! How are you?

LUCKY: I’m fine Preeti. What about you?

PREETI: When did you come back from London?

LUCKY: I came just yesterday. I was about to call you.

PREETI: How was the visit?

LUCKY: Superb! We had a lot of fun.

PREETI: Did you go with your family?

LUCKY: Yes. All of us went. We had to attend the marriage of my cousin sister there.

PREETI: By which plane did you go?

LUCKY: We went there by Air India.

PREETI: How much time did the plane take?

LUCKY: It took about 8 hours.

PREETI: Where did you stay in London?

LUCKY: We stayed at Smart Holiday Inn for two days. After that we shifted to our uncle’s house and stayed there for one week.

PREETI: Did you visit tourist places in London?

LUCKY: Of course, we did.

PREETI: Which places did you visit?

LUCKY: We saw British Museum, National Gallery, Science Museum, Madame Tussauds, Tower of London, Hyde Park and some more places.

PREETI: Did you like London city?

LUCKY: Who does not like? It is a beautiful and clean city. Though it has got crowded now.

PREETI: Would you like to go there again?

LUCKY: Definitely. I may go there again after two years to attend my cousin brother’s marriage.

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  1. good joj let me tell you one thing i am so confuse obout would can you tell me

  2. I think, I got a very important place to enrich my English language skills.
    Thanks wabs talk. I will follow you everyday’s.
    Engr. Sumon

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