Jul 022011

Fill the  dialogues appropriately with the following words:
a.cheaper, b.costlier, c.take, d.spend money, e.out of order, f.remembered, g.evening, h.shopping


Raman: Hello Tony!  What are you doing?

Tony: Nothing special.  How have you …..1….. me today?

Raman: Are you free in the …..2…..?

Tony: Yes. Have you to go somewhere?

Raman: Let’s go for …..3….. .I have to buy dresses.

Tony: From where will you buy?

Raman: From Rajouri Garden.

Tony: Things are …..4….. there, still you run to that market again and again. You can get more variety at …..5….. rates in Karol Bagh.

Raman: I have to …..6….., then what’s your problem?

Tony: As you wish. When shall we go?

Raman: Reach my home at 5 in the evening. My car is …..7….. .We shall go on your bike.

Tony: What about burger and Coke?

Raman: We shall go to Bikanerwala. You can …..8….. there whatever you want.

Tony: OK, I shall come at 5.





1.f, 2.g, 3.h, 4.b, 5.a, 6.d, 7.e, 8.c

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