Jul 182011

JOHN: How are you Sheena? Where do you go early in the morning everyday?

SHEENA: I am fine. I go to take Yoga classes.

JOHN: From where are you learning Yoga ?

SHEENA: From Global Yoga Classes.

JOHN: For how long have you been going there?

SHEENA: For last six months.

JOHN: Do you think Yoga can improve our health.

SHEENA: Definitely. Yoga is also becoming popular everywhere.

JOHN: I think Yoga can not improve our health. If you get any benefit it’s only due to your psychological belief. Moreover, doing Yoga at home without the guidance of an expert trainer can actually be harmful for your health.

SHEENA: In modern world, millions of people in the world are doing Yoga. Are they fools?

JOHN : In Yoga you have to bend your body in unnatural ways. If you go against laws of the nature exercise can not be beneficial for us.

RUBY: Why shall I agree with you?

JOHN: You can test it yourself. Find out 20 persons in the world who have lived life near to 100 years or more. Find out their habits. Natural food and simple exercise is their well-know secret. And how many gurus teaching and doing yoga really live up to 100 or more!

SHEENA: I shall definitely do a simple research on it and find out the truth myself. Will you start doing Yoga if my research goes in its favor?

JOHN: I promise that I will.

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