Aug 242011

Fill the dialogues appropriately with the following words:-

a. similar, b. expenses, c. better, d. little, e. circumstances, f. should, g. get, h. teaching, i. which, j. admitted

Vandana: Hello Preeti, how are you? It seems you are a …..1….. worried.

Preeti: Yes, I am worried about the admission of my son. I don’t know what I …..2….. do.

Vandana: Why are you worrying? You can get him admitted in any good English medium school.

Preeti: I also want, but most of the good public schools demand huge donations, …..3….. lower middle class people like us can’t afford.

Vandana: Then why don’t you consider over a govt. school for him?

Preeti: In fact, the standard of education is not good in govt. schools. Although the teachers of these schools …..4….. good salaries yet they don’t take much interest in …..5….. the students. They are only interested in taking tuitions and earning more money.

Vandana: You are right Preeti. Due to that reason I got my children admitted in a public school. But even public schools are not perfect. My children have to take tuitions. And there are so much …..6….. that we find it difficult to make both ends meet.

Preeti: It is generally said that standard of education is much …..7….. in public schools than in govt. schools.

Vandana: I don’t think coaching is good in every public school. Though there are a few schools which really try hard to maintain a good reputation.

Preeti: But it is not easy to get the children …..8….. in those schools. And people like us can’t even meet the expenses.

Vandana: Yeah, it is true. Still we can’t say that those schools guarantee bright career for the students or freedom from headaches for the parents. You have to take pain and be careful even then.

Preeti: All these things have made me very confused and worried.

Vandana: Why don’t you get your son admitted in a govt. model school. These schools are …..9….. to some good public schools.

Preeti: (Happily) It can solve my problem. I think a model school can be the best for my son under present …..10….. . Will you accompany me to the nearest model school? I shall be thankful to you.

Vandana: Oh sure! Please come to my home at 8 am. But do talk to your husband first.


1.d, 2.f, 3.i, 4.g, 5.h, 6.b, 7.c, 8.j, 9.a, 10.e

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