Aug 152011

POPPY: What would you like to eat, Teena?

TEENA: Poppy, I would like to eat burger.

POPPY: I am going to take veg sandwich.

TEENA: Why don’t you take burger?

POPPY: I ate it in the morning at breakfast.

TEENA: Did your mom prepare it?

POPPY: Yes. She is expert in making dishes.

TEENA: But my mom doesn’t make anything tasty. I have to eat only bread and vegetables. No burger, no pizza and no sandwich. I feel bore.

POPPY: I think you should eat what your mother makes. Vegetables are good for our health.

TEENA: My mom also says we should not eat outside. But what is bad if we eat outside now and then.

POPPY: My mother also preaches me a lot. But I go out with friends twice a week.

TEENA: It is good. Fun with friends is also necessary.

POPPY: But we should take the permission of our friends.

TEENA: But parents do not allow us much freedom. What is your opinion?

POPPY: Parents are our well-wishers. They are experienced. So their guidance will help us to live a good life.

TEENA: But I have not told my parents today that I am going to a restaurant with you.

POPPY: It is not good. You should have told. I do not like to cheat parents

TEENA: First we should eat burger and sandwich. After going back to home I can tell my mom that I went with you.

POPPY: No, Teena. I shall not enter the restaurant till you call your parents and tell them.

TEENA: I am sorry Poppy. I am calling my mom. I shall be careful in future.

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  1. it was quite good….. moral of conversation was also good

  2. Nice conversation between two friends .i m very pleased to see such types of material are there for leaner & as well as for beginers.This con. is very simple & understanble .This con. will help guys to improve thier communication skill.

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  5. convensation is super

  6. This is a wonderful topic and best way to learn English i’m very thankful to you for this better support for learner. i think that, these type of lesson will be very helpful for compitive exams also.

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