Oct 042011

Fill the dialogues appropriately with the following words:-

a. take, b. Would, c. suggestion, d. information, e. give, f. Which, g. capable, h. packages

Priya: Hello! Is it computer institute?
Receptionist: Yes. How can we help you?
Priya: I am Priya. I want to join your institute for a computer course. Can you give me some …..1….. ?
Receptionist: Certainly. …..2….. course do you want to join? We have many courses like Basic Computer Operations, DTP, MS Office, Programming, Accountancy, Internet, hardware etc.
Priya: Actually I don’t have much knowledge about computers. I don’t even know which course I should …..3….. up. I need your …..4….. too.
Receptionist: Before I suggest you a course first let me know why do you want to do a computer course?
Priya: I want to get a job in a good office.
Receptionist: Then I suggest you to take up Basic Computer Operations. It’ll be the best course for you. This course will make you …..5….. enough to join any good office. Afterwards you may take up another course.
Priya: Which …..6….. will you teach in this course? And what’s its duration?
Receptionist: MS Office, Internet, Windows etc. It’s a three months course.
Priya: Do you have Windows XP in your computers?
Receptionist: Of course, we have. You’ll get a good training here.
Priya: Do you …..7….. practical training?
Receptionist: We have 5 days week – 3 days for practical and 2 days for theory.
Priya: …..8….. you please tell me the course fee?
Receptionist: Rs. 1550/- per month for three months. Admission fee is Rs.500/- only. Please collect the details from our institute between 10 am to 1 pm on working days.
I’ll come to you tomorrow. Thanking you very much for giving me all the information.
Receptionist: It’s all right.

1.d, 2.f, 3.a, 4.c, 5.g, 6.h, 7.e, 8.b

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