Oct 222011

GEETA: Do you think people can learn English speaking online.

PINTO: Many persons think it is difficult to learn English speaking online. You can learn English grammar and writing easily but practical training is needed for speaking practice. To some extent it is true. But it does not mean you can not become a good speaker of English with online help.

GEETA: You are a walking proof that fluency can be gained in English speaking with online training. Can you reveal your secret?

PINTO: I shall definitely give you some tips. You can also tell it to others. It is easy.

GEETA: Your tips will be very beneficial for those persons who can not go to a training center for regular classes.

PINTO: Though getting training by joining a good English institute is the best way to learn effective English, yet the second good choice is online training.

GEETA: So what is your advice Pinto?

PINTO: The most important part of online training is discipline. Spare one or two hours everyday for learning.

GEETA: How can a person start?

PINTO: Visit WabsTalk.com or ImproveEnglishOnline.com everyday. If you are already good in sentence making then read English conversations at least for half an hour loudly. Watch and listen to conversation videos for some time. Copy the pronunciation by repeating the dialogues of the characters. Now you have taken the most important steps.

GEETA: Are these two steps enough for improving fluency in speaking.

PINTO: You need one more step. If you can make some online friends and practice English conversation everyday with the help of a web camera it will be a great way to improve.

GEETA: Many persons may not have a web camera or this step may not be practical for them. Do they have any other way?

PINTO: Yes they have. I still apply this. It is easy to make friends on Facebook. When you chat with friends speak loudly whatever you write. This habit will also give you fluency in speaking.

GEETA: All the steps are so easy.

PINTO: And now the last and very important point. As you keep improving you also need to speak more and more English in your daily life, with your family members, friends and other people.

GEETA: I think it is the wonderful way to learn English speaking with your own efforts.

PINTO: Yes, anybody can learn easily and happily.

GEETA: Thanking you very much Pinto.

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