Dec 202011

1. There is no solution to generation gap. It will always remain there. Do you agree?

2. Is love a weakness?

3. Do social networking sites make students perform badly at school and college ?

4. Canteen should not be allowed in a school. Do you agree?

5. Joint Family is good for children.

6. Should the children be kept in the hostels?

7. Is stealing for a good cause wrong?

8. Should the share of parental property be given to the daughters?

9. Parents should not give pocket money to children because it spoils them.

10. What is more important, to love or to be loved?

Working to earn should be made compulsory for every person above 15. What is your opinion?

Only a vegetarian diet can be a balanced and ideal diet for us.

13. Are multinational companies destroying Indian business?

14. Problem of corruption is everywhere and it can’t be solved.

15. Money is more important than relationship.

16. Should human beings live forever?

17. Inter-caste marriages are more stressful so there should not be any.

18. Students who get good marks in the examination are more talented than other students.

19. Should we give up our life to save someone else?

20. Should technology be held responsible for bitter relations?

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