Dec 232011

People having more than two children must be taxed heavily to control population

Parents can never become friends of children. Yes/No

What is more important? Salary or job satisfaction

4. Joint family vs. nuclear family

Should govt. be given legal right to take over the place allotted to a religious organisation in case there is an urgent need to build a school or hospital?

God is a myth as nobody has seen Him.

7. Over-population – a boon/curse for India

8. India needs a strong and patriotic dictator to help it emerge as a super power of world.

9. Victory of a team depends on its captain.

Spare the rod and spoil the child. It is true because without punishment we can’t give a bright future to children.

Should it be made compulsory for the offices, companies or schools to provide the facility of crutches for the children of female employees?

12. Are women more capable than men?

13. Should school transportation be made compulsory for all students?

14. Burden of home work only ruins the talent of a student so it should not be given.

15. Have we become slaves or masters of machines?

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