Dec 132011

I would say WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar) is a great platform for students. I learnt a lot here. It gave me so much knowledge which is countless. Behaviour of faculty is amazing. My teacher taught me very well. I improved my body language, my communication skills , my behaviour, general knowledge and so on. I really want to thank my faculty and Wabs. I am happy to be a part of this great institute. Thanks for treating me like this.

Abhishek Bakshi
Student (BSC.IT)
Hari Nagar, New Delhi

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  1. hii i am shruti. i have done masters in english. and B.ed too and have a good command in english language. looking for a job to teach students.
    looking forward for reply.
    Shruti Tuteja

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I want to join your spoken english course.What i need to be done for it? Your immediate reposnse with Address and Contact No is required.
    I am looking forward to receive your Contact no and Address at earliest.
    Sincerly yours,
    Satish Kumar Sharma

  3. Respected
    I set my mind to do english speaking course coz m not good at English speaking & i want to improve my fleuncy, vocabulary so that i can also speak english fluently.
    So, i requestef u too plzz provide me ua course details. E.g,fee structure,duratiom of the course, location etc.

  4. hi sir/madam, I’m Mohit Gaur and i’m 21 years old. I can speak english but i don’ feel confident because i don’t have the fluency. If someone talks to me in english, i got freeze because of my fluency because of above mentioned reasons. There is no atmosphere of english speaking in family or friend circle too. I also want to improve my vocabulary. What should i do to speak fluently, to be confident and to improve my vocabulary? Is there any course to fulfil my requirements?

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