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Most of the people of the modern world go for those things which can pass their three-point criteria: 1. quality, 2. attractive packaging, and 3. good marketing. Similarly your talent won’t get its deserved place in this world until you project and market yourself in a way that can impress others. Most of the young persons fail at this front and as a consequence they are unable to rise in the career graph. Unrecognised by the world they are often forced to live an ordinary life. So it is time to wake up and prepare yourself for the challenge of the new world.


Millions of young persons fail in the interview every year and the single most important factor behind their failure is – lack of confidence. This problem may generate due to many reasons: 1. A person may not be well-prepared, 2. He may not have a good dress to wear, 3. He may be lacking communication skills, 4. He may not be having necessary job skills, 5. He may be having a negative self image. There may be one or more reasons behind lack of confidence of a person but the biggest reasom is – a negative self image.

One of the greatest American writer and personality development instructor Norman Vincent Peale said: The single greatest discovery of my life, outside of my relationship with God, has been the understanding that when you think in negative terms you will get negative results, and when you think in positive terms, you will get positive results. Therefore the first step to improve your self image and gain confidence is to think in positive terms. Thinking in a positive way is actually a habit that one has to develop with constant practice. Even if you are very frustrated force yourself to think that something positive will happen in your life.

Before sleeping always see yourself preparing well for a forthcoming interview and getting a good job. Does this exercise for five to ten minutes everyday till you get a good job. You will start getting a better and positive self-image soon. A positive self-image fills you with confidence. Such a person is always hopeful and gets good results in life. Such candidates mostly get success in interviews too.

So how you can gain more confidence now. First, by following all other suggestions in this article; second, by thinking in positive terms.


Good dress and confident attitude of a person has become the new trade mark in modern corporate culture. A carefree attitude towards one’s dress has become the thing of the past. In companies you would hardly see any shabbily dressed person. A well-dressed person looks more smart and confident. A good dress is a positive stimulus for the wearer. It gives a positive boost to his self-image. And it always has a positive impression on the interview board. How much able a person may be he won’t be selected by the board if he/she is awkward in wearing. Dress professionally according to the demand of the job.


A healthy body and smart look is absolutely essential to win the heart of a good job. And a regular schedule of exercise is necessary to get it. Exercise keeps you refreshed and energised. You can take exercise either at home or join a local gym. 30 to 60 Minutes exercise five days a week is enough for you. Exercise also melts the mounds of strain in your mind and helps the muscles of your face to relax. If you are able to go to a park it will be more beneficial. Fresh morning air of a green area is good for both your mind and body.


Good communication skills add soul to the personality of a person. If you have a group of intelligent friends or family members your communication skills improve in a natural way otherwise you need to join a good institute. You should not only be able to speak fluently but with accuracy also. Grammatical mistakes may cause embarrassing situations for any one. You will leave a bad impression on the people as well as on the interview board.


One small problem in a vehicle causes headache and mars the joy of journey. Similarly one drawback may cost you a good job. Your resume and cover letter must be typed attractively. Take the help of an experienced person or your training centre to prepare them.

a) Use A4 size good quality computer paper.

b) Cover letter should be of one page only. It is mostly in three paragraphs. Write short and impressive sentences. 1st paragraph contains the reference to the advertisement or the vacant post and your eagerness to apply. 2nd paragraph should mention how you fulfil the requirements. Last paragraph should reflect your confidence in your ability and your interest in serving the company. Details should be avoided either it is Cover Letter or Resume.

c) Resume may be of one or two pages. The Resume must mention your address, e-mail address, phone numbers, date of birth, academic and professional qualifications, experience, the awards or medals you received.

c) Type only on one side. Use point 12 if the font is Times New Roman and point 10 if it is Arial. Keep the font of your name several points larger so that it stands out.

d) Get prints in black ink. You may give a touch of blue or green to make it more attractive. But never use any other ink.

e) Don’t use any clip art or design. Keep both Cover letter and Resume simple and easily readable.

f) Be careful that there is no grammatical or spelling errors.


To get an interview call you have to enter the job market to hunt for a job. And you must be prepared to work hard for it. Hard work generates opportunities. Get an attractive visiting card printed. In your job search it will not be easy or practical to hand over your Resume to every person you meet. But it is convenient to give your visiting card. Sometimes even our friends don’t know about our skills or qualifications properly. Mention your name, address, e-mail, phone numbers, qualifications, skills in the card. Several good job offers may land in your pocket through friends, relatives or neighbours. They may refer any good opening to you. This is one of the several steps you have to take to get interview calls. Other steps are:

a) Read Situations Vacant columns in various newspapers carefully. There are also walk-in interview calls in several advertisements. Just visit the company on the mentioned date and appear for an interview. Also look for vacancy advertisements in special career supplements of a newspaper (which are published every week with the main newspaper).

b) See through other employment newspapers. Many magazines also publish vacancy advertisements.

c) You may contact reputed placement agencies. But here you have to be very cautious. Many agencies extort money and you never get a good job. Even if there is a good job offer through them they charge a big amount of money.

d) There are many websites helping both job seekers and job providers. You can definitely take their help. But be careful not to get in a trap. Never shell out any large amount of money to find a job.

e) Many companies don’t advertise if they have a few vacancies. They get the vacancies filled by telling it to their employees or other acquaintances. So whomever we meet we must let that person know about our job requirement. Many offers may land this way.

f) If you have a dream to work for some particular companies post your Resume to them every two months. Whenever there is a vacancy you may also be contacted.

g) Get your advertisement published in situations wanted columns of two or three prominent newspapers of your area. You may get interview calls from some good companies.


The most important moments are when you are grilled by an interview board to test your ability or job skills. Sometimes there are even two or three interviews by different boards on a single day before you are selected. Big companies do thoroughly test your skills. Have some interview practice at a training institute and with your friends. And keep in mind the following points:

a) Reach the interview location 15 to 20 minutes earlier. Spend some time in relaxing – have a cold drink or coffee if there is a canteen nearby or just have simple chatting with other candidates.

b) Think that you are there to gain experience and you won’t bother whether you are selected or not.
c) While facing the interview board sit straight, with your hands in your lap.

d) When the board ask questions make an eye contact and listen attentively. Don’t answer in a hurry. Take your time, think and answer easily and politely making an occasional eye contact. Be honest and straight forward.

e) Never confront the board even if you get disturbed at any irrational question. Answer politely. The board may be testing your patience.

f) If there is an opportunity show your interest in serving the company dedicatedly with a willingness to learn.

g) As soon as you reach home write a thank you letter or an e-mail to the interview board. Do mention the post you were interviewed for. Show your interest in the company again. Don’t forget to admire the board for its wisdom.


The aim of a talented young man is to have his dream job in his pocket as early as possible. He relentlessly searches out for a good start. Virtues of patience and wait have become taboo in modern world. Sometimes pursuit of quick success compels a young person to get into the money making game without having adequate experience or preparation. It may often cause bitter frustration.

If you read out 1st generation success stories you will find that most of the entrepreneurs started with a meagre salary or income. Many of them worked without pay or on meagre salary just to gain experience and get an opportunity or foothold in the field they enjoyed working. If you have talent and qualification you will not only be welcomed in corporate world but you will also get an image of a reliable and hard-working person.

True, you have to meet your expenses and this suggestion is hard to digest. But such a situation is always temporary. As soon as you get expertise and experience you won’t have to run after money. Instead, heavy pay packets will run after you. Strategy or working without pay often works in your favour. It is immensely beneficial in the long run.

You may not get a good job after your first interview. You may have to send dozens of resumes and go through several interviews. If you remain persistent and confident you will definitely be awarded with a dream job. One of the greatest Indian industrialists Dhirubhai Ambani said: Hope is your most powerful weapon, self confidence your greatest asset.

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