Jan 102012

Neha : I have got fed up with the way my life is going on.

Raman : You seem very frustrated. What has happened?

Neha : You know I have been in to business for a long time.

Raman : I think your business is going well. You have many customers.

Neha : Yes I have. But this is not the success I am looking for. I want name and fame in the world.

Raman : Keep working hard. You would get that one day.

Neha :
I can not wait any longer now. Frustration is just slipping in to my mind. I am really in trouble.

Raman : I can give you miraculous tips which would help you get desired success.

Neha : Please tell me. I am dying to listen to you. I would pay you whatever you say for these tips.

Raman : Ok. I would give. But these would work only when you apply them whole heartedly.

Neha : I would act upon your advice sincerely. I promise.

Raman : First tip Believe in you. What the problem with most of the people is that they have self doubt. They are not self believer.

Neha : I also have this tendency.

Raman ;
Your this self doubt is blocking your way to big success. Once you remove this blockage you would start getting big success.

Neha : How can I get rid off this tendency?

Raman : First of all you need to realise the fact that God has not made us to have self doubt. We are the part of that almighty God. He is so powerful so we are.

Neha : Yes. I agree. What is the second tip?

Raman : Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Make a habit of reading any good motivation book.

Neha : When should I read?

Raman : Read whenever you are free to read. If you do not get time during day do read it before going to sleep.

Neha :
Which motivation book should I read?

Raman : There are many good books in market. Read any.

Neha : I would read. What is the third tip?

Raman : Surround yourself with positive people only. Negative people suck your energy. They make you lose your confidence.

Neha : Yes. You are absolutely right. What is forth tip please?

Raman : Use imagination technique. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself getting big success. It would fill your mind with positive energy. This positive energy would create miracle for you.

Neha : From where did you get such great tips?

Raman : Life experience has taught me.

Neha : Thanks for these great tips.

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