Feb 202012

I am student of wabstalk (Tilak Nagar) Before joining this institute my English was not good. I could not speak in English. My brother and sister live in England. My most of the relatives live in USA. I could not talk to them because my English was not good. I used to feel very bad. Now I am learning English in Wabstalk. It is the best institute of Delhi. Teachers are very good here. They teach very well. They use easy methods. Teachers try to help students. Aparajita madam is very good. She teaches grammar very well. She gives good debate topics. Plus point of this institute is that atmosphere is very good here. When we try to speak we can speak without hesitation. Nobody makes fun of us. Here my English is improving a lot. Now I can speak in English with my relatives with out any hesitation. Now I chat with my relatives on facebook. I have recently visited Thailand two times. I gave interview in Thailand embassy in English. I spoke in English with immigration officer at India and Thailand airport. I was very
confident. I did not face any problem. I talked to every one confidently. Now I am trying to go to London. I am confident. I can easily give interview in England Embassy. I would say thanks to Aparajita Madam and Wabstalk for helping me improve my English.

Balvinder Singh
Gangaram Vatika
Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

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