May 092012

I joined WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar) 3 months ago. I came to know about WabsTalk through internet. Before joining this institute my communication skills and grammar both were very poor. I was not able to speak in front of my clients. It was affecting my career. As an engineer I have to meet managers and highly educated persons and they always communicate with me in English. I was unable to reply in English but after completing my course I am seeing following changes in me –

1) My confidence level has highly increased.
2) I am able to communicate and put up my questions in front of anyone. Because of my improved communication skills I got the chance to attend Motorola conference in Bangalore. There I was quite confident while meeting and communicating with Motorala staff.
3) I have got positive attitude because of the positive environment of WabsTalk.
4) I have become extrovert. Now I express my points in front of everyone.
5) I got promotion. Wabstalk helped me in my career growth.
6) My friends say me that now I do not feel shy while speaking with anyone in English.

I am continuing my course even after the completion of my course because of seeing lots of positive changes in me. I am really thankful to Aparajita madam for teaching me in an excellent way. She guided me in personality development also. It really helped me.

Here are the strong points of WabsTalk

1. Teachers use very easy and the best methods to teach English. I saw a change in me just after a week.
2. Time flexibility
3. You can meet and make nice educated friends who also help you in improving.
4. Excellent guidance in personality development.
5. Here teachers keep monitoring the progress of the students.

My overall experience is excellent here. Now I am used to speaking in English even with those who talk to me in Hindi. Thanks a lot to WabsTalk for all the positive changes it brought in me.

Avinash Kumar
(An Engineer)
Dwarka, New Delhi

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  1. I want to improve my communication skills.I need to improve my speaking skills in english without any fear.Can you please help me.Is there any online facility to learn english?plz contact me on mail.

  2. Hi,
    I am also want to improve my Communication skil so i want know any online facility to do that course ..If there plz contact me my mail..

  3. i want to join these classes

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