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Here are some easy to follow tips to help you improve your self image. These
are practical and workable. Apply these tips and see how useful they are.

1. You are a unique creation – Do the rose and sunflower look same? Are they beautiful?
No, rose and sun flowers do not have same look but they both are certainly beautiful flowers. Wouldn’t it be silly if we try to compare them with each other?

God has created all of us but in a unique way. We must be happy the way we are as we all have something special in us. Concentrate on your positive points. You may not be a good singer but you may be a good dancer. Digest the truth that we can not be perfect in each and every thing. Instead of focusing on what we are not capable of doing we should concentrate on what our positive points are. Our strength may be the weakness of other person and other person’s weakness may be our strength. We must try to shine and polish our plus points as much as possible.

2. If you want people to love and respect you first start loving and respecting yourself – Imagine a person sitting over a smelly place wrapping himself with a dirty blanket and having long uncombed hair would you like him? Now imagine a person sitting over a well cleaned place, dressed impressively and having smart haircut would you like him? You must be answering negatively for the first question and positively for the second question.

Well by giving this example I just want to explain you that people react positively or negatively on the bases what you show them. If you surround yourself with negative feelings about you, you can never expect people to like you. Here people, who are not liking you, are not at fault sadly it is you who has to be held responsible. Self pity, self doubt, lack of confidence these are the negative emotions you surround yourself with intentionally or unintentionally thus make people dislike or disbelieve you . Once you understand this deep but practical point and surround yourself with positive feelings like self confidence, self praise and self respect people would automatically start believing, respecting and loving you. This thing would strengthen your self image further adding happiness and success in to your life.

3. Set realistic goals – If I have ten rupees today and I set a goal of having one crore in my pocket tomorrow what do you think would I be able to achieve my goal? Most of you would consider me a fool as I have not set a practical goal. Earning one crore is not impossible but earning it in one day when you have only ten rupees to invest is certainly an impossible task. This is what we do while setting our goals. We set unrealistic goals and are unable to achieve them. Non achievement of goals leaves us with self doubt. We take ourselves as losers. This bitter feeling slips in to our subconscious mind making our self image get weak. If our self image is already weak it makes it get weaker. We must avoid doing this blunder mistake. Set practical goals. Give your each goal sufficient and reasonable time. When you achieve your targeted goals, you would help your self image become strong.

4. Try to forget childhood negative experience – If I say three years old child to cook food, can he? Certainly he would not be able to cook as he is too small for this work. Cooking food is beyond his capacity. Can he cook when he grows up? If he gets training and practice, he would certainly be able to do so. This simple example is enough to make you understand that you must not repent over the things which you were not able to do or handle in your childhood as those things were beyond your capacity. Now when you are mature enough you must take charge of your life. Bury the past negative experiences. Do not let your past overshadow your present.

5. Keep negative people at your arm’s length – If You are left in a room with thousands of mosquitoes for few days, can you imagine what would happen to you? You would find yourself left with no energy as mosquitoes would suck your blood. They would make you really sick. This is what negative people do to you. They are like mosquitoes. They drain your positiveness and make you fall mentally ill. They weaken your self image by inculcating negativism in to your subconscious mind as a result you start disbelieving your abilities and capabilities. If you want positive self image get rid off these negative people and surround yourself with positive people. Always remember positiveness and negativness are infectious.

6. Take doses of autosuggestion daily
– What do you do when you are physically sick? You take medicine similarly when you are mentally sick you need medicine. Auto suggestion is the medicine to keep your mind and soul healthy. What is autosuggestion? Autosuggestion means positiveness given to oneself in the form of some positive lines. Here is the example – Day by day in every way I am improving. Autosuggestion is also called affirmation. Take doses of autosuggestion daily after you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep.

7. Use visualization technique – When you watch any movie do you visualize yourself with your favourite actor or actress? How do you feel? You certainly feel good when you are in positive circumstances and bad when in negative circumstances. Why does it happen? It happens because your mind accepts it as a reality and sends positive or negative emotions throughout your body. Visualization technique can help you a lot in improving your self image. Visualize yourself daily as a confident, happy and satisfied person. If you do it daily it would make your conscious and subconscious mind accept you as a winner and help you have a positive self image.

Do you remember writing your first alphabet? I am sure you were not able to write it at first attempt. It took you some time to learn. You might have faced problems while learning it but at last you did not only learn it but got mastery over it. Changing your negative self image may be a difficult thing to do for you but if you keep trying believe me you can change it. So start your journey towards getting a healthy, positive and strong self image.

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