Aug 092012

I want to tell you about WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar). I am able to express myself in English just because of WabsTalk. When I decided to join English course I was so nervous because I was less confident. I had heard about English institutes that they teach English only. But when I joined WabsTalk my thinking completely got changed.

Here teachers do not only teach English but also help you become confident. Without confidence you can not speak any language. In wabsTalk I have got the most precious thing and that is CONFIDENCE. Teachingmethods are very good here. Teachers are really very nice and co-operative. They correct you wherever you are wrong.Atmosphere is really great. Students are nice. My batch is very good.

Aparajita madam teaches very well. She has given me a mantra for achieving my goals. It is really working. With the help of it I have improved myself a lot. I have completed my course now I can say I am a confident girl.

If you want to be confident WABSTALK IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU.

Thanks WabsTalk

Rachana Bagga
Tilak Nagar

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  1. excellent

  2. hello wabs Talk,,,,,,my english is good but i m not fluent in it.and my confidence level is very low.please suggest me some confidense rule…….

    • m here…on wabs talk….and i’ll always use this website…….thank u WABS TALK!!!!!!!!!

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