Aug 212012

My wife and I came all the way from Iran to India just for learning English at WABS TALK PUBLIC SPEAKING. As we got to know that this is the best English learning institute around, so we decided to join this. And, this institute really met up to our expectations.

We had only 1 month with us, but still we learned many things. Moreover, we are feeling confident now to speak before anyone. We attended various interesting speaking sessions which helped us polish ourselves. The kind of atmosphere was provided to us was just excellent.

Under the guidance of our instructor, all the teachers taught very well. We shared many things about Iran with Indian students and learned a lot as well about India. Our batch mates were very co-operative. May God bless them and this great country ‘India’!

We would recommend this institute to all those people who really wanna learn good English from the best institute.

Arash and Zarrine from Tehran (Iran)

  8 Responses to “It was tough, but still we came from Iran to learn English from WABS TALK”

  1. is there any other option to learn english via online?

  2. I want to speak english fluently

  3. You provide any summer package to learn English

  4. Hello Sir,
    My sister 12th continuing and she is very poor in English. And she wants to join in summer time . So is there any facility in your institute for summer package.

    Thank You

  5. i am a student and i like to speak english. I know english is a internation languaue.I work in a oppice so my promotion needed to spoken english so want to be learn spoken english

  6. Yes it’s true, WABS TALK is one of the best institute in India that will make you enough confident to face public quite comfortably without any hesitation & a person can easily rely on it.

  7. i want to speak english very fluently ……….

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