Aug 152012
Know how to use Will Have To in English

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  1. very good and useful video. Thanks madam

  2. You are a great teacher. Your way of teaching is very impressive. I have learnt so much. Thanks.

  3. madam your way of teaching very good. You explain each and every thing in an easy way. This is the best part of your training. Thanks a lot. Thumbs up foy your video.

  4. awesome mam…………….very good video…………

  5. hi …i am altaf i kindly request u would u send some video to i mprove my i spoke the english and after it test is right or ron g……………….
    and i have been suffer proble to make syntanse……plz send mee your reply as soon as

    • Altaf you can subscribe our you tube channel. There are many videos.

      • my dear madam i have checked with youtube but i couldn’t find them.

        i have badly need to learn much better english.

        so pls help me how i can manage it

  6. yes this is very good video & interesting too

  7. very very good video. your teaching method is very easy and understand. thanks

  8. Your teaching method is very good. You explain each and every thing in very easy way. I have learnt many things by watching your videos. Thanks a lot

  9. Very good video. You have explained the use in easy way. thanks.

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