Nov 302012

I came to know about WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar) through net. I watched videos of madam and decided to know about the courses. I visited the institute. After meeting Aparajita madam I took admission here. I took Smart English course. I am very happy that my decision of taking admission here proved the wisest decision of my life.

Here teachers are very co-operative. They understand our level and teach accordingly. They teach very well. Speaking sessions are very interesting. We speak individually and in groups. Teachers keep speech competitions, debate competitions and so on so that we are able to improve our communication skills and confidence.

I would love to say that this institute is very good. My opinion is that all students must come in this institute and join it.

New Delhi
(Student of Tilak Nagar branch)

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  1. Really she is saying right. Wabs Talk is the best place for improving your English ………….

  2. hello frd how are you

  3. i can’t speak english

    • Rajendraji, If you want to improve your English then I will suggest you for joining WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar) .It is very very good & Excellent place for learning English. Here teachers are very understanding,co-operative and helpful.

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