Mar 072013

  7 Responses to “Learn Present Continuous Tense (English and Hindi)”

  1. Thanks madam for this great video. Your way of teaching is very good. I can unserstand it easily. I am improving my English. Thanks

  2. wow.. this is video very nice.. i so happy.

  3. Thank you madam. Your way of teaching is really very simple. My whole family watches your videos. We have learnt a lot by watching your videos. Grammar really helps in speaking confidently.

  4. Mind blowing mam wt a easy way for leaning tense………It’s very very good mam…………….

  5. Wow !!!!!!This is the best way for learning tense in easy way.We can improve our weak part of tense through this .

  6. its a very good side to enhencing your skills as well as to improving your spoken english skills.

    • yes seema you are saying right. this video is very impressive and showing easy method for learning tense.Thanks for this video…….

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