Mar 042013

According to me WabsTalk is the best institute for learning English. The method of teaching is very simple. Every student can understand it easily. Teachers are very supportive. They guide you very well specially Aparajita Madam. She easily understands what your weak points are and helps you to overcome them. Due to her excellent guidelines I have improved a lot in a short period of time.

Believe me before joining this institute I had hesitation in speaking English but now I am free from that hesitation. I have gained a lot of confidence. The atmosphere of the institute is very good. All my group students are very nice,intelligent and disciplined.

We are given current topics for discussions and debates. This things helps us a lot in improving our English as well as general knowledge. We are also given quick speaking practice. It helps us in gaining fluency and the confidence to speak in front of people.

At last I would say WabsTalk is very good and the right place for learning Spoken English.

Divyanshu Kapila
Patel Nagar
(Student of Tilak Nagar)

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  1. i have done mba and my communication skills is not up to the mark and iam seaching a place where i can improve

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