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Most of the people fear public speaking. They start getting butterflies in their stomach if they are told to give a stage performance. In this article I am going to give you simple but practical and workable tips which would help you become a good public speaker.

Have Cristal clear thinking
You can not express your ideas to others if you can not express them to you. You must know what exactly you want to deliver. If you mind is clouded you can never expect you to be a good public speaker. A clouded mind is like a boat without a sailor which can never reach at a desired destination. Take control of your mind and command it to deliver exactly what you wish to.

Take a topic which is near to your heart
We are always able to speak very well on the topic which is very close to our heart. A person who has suffered a lot due to being uneducated can tell very well what the importance of education is. A girl who has been discriminated throughout her life can narrate reasonably how discrimination affects one’s life. If you want to be a good public speaker, always try your hand on the topic which is able to create a spark in to your heart.

Use very simple and clear language
You may be very intelligent. You may be having lots of useful information but your intelligence and your information would go waste if your audience is not able to understand what exactly you are trying to say. If you are really serious about becoming a good public speaker never go after your level. See what your audience mind level is and prepare your topic according to that. Use as simple language as you can. Narrate some interesting stories to prove your point. You must help your audience feel attached to what you are speaking. If you become successful in that, your audience would love to listen to you.

Keep your speech to the point
Your audience would fall in love with your speech only if it is reasonably short and to the point. We are living in a 21st century. It is a century of speed. We want everything very fast, so is with the output of your speech. Your audience must get swift benefits out of your speech. Nothing can stop you from becoming a good public speaker if you keep it in your mind.

Give something worthy
A good public speaker knows the needs of his audience. People come to a public speaking to get what they are lacking in. Give something worthy to your audience. Devote yourself to your audience completely and passionately. Bring a gem every time you come across your audience, and your audience would flock to you again and again for the gems you are offering to them.

Read this article again and again till it slips in to your heart and mind completely. Once it makes a place in your heart and mind start implementing these tips and see how you become a good public speaker in a short period of time.

Written by Aparajita

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  2. Fantastic article!!!!!!!!!

  3. Excellent article mam. It is very useful for shy people.Through this article people get encouraged for public speaking.Thanks for this article mam.

  4. Good article by Aparajita Madam. It is really useful. Thanks

  5. This article is so useful for public speaking, Through this article people get encouraged for speaking English. With the help of this article we can learn how to speak in front of public without fear. Thanks for this article………………

    • Yes, you are saying right it is excellent article for public speaking.Really it is very impressive and awesome.

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