Apr 062013

RAMAN: What are you doing Meena?

MEENA: I’m painting.

RAMAN: What are you painting?

MEENA: I’m painting a scenery

RAMAN: Are you interested in painting?

MEENA: Yes. It is my hobby.

RAMAN: Do you want to become a painter?

MEENA: Yes, I think so. I love to paint.

RAMAN: What do you like to paint mostly?

MEENA: I can paint anything. I have painted sceneries, portraits, and many more things.

RAMAN: Is it oil painting?

MEENA: Yes, it is. I like this type of painting.

RAMAN: You must have become a master of painting by now.

MEENA I can’t say I have become a master. But I have been painting for the last five years. I have learnt a lot.

RAMAN: Can you make a portrait of Budhha for me. I’ll pay you for it.

MEENA: Don’t talk about money. You are my friend. I’ll make it for you free.

RAMAN: Thanks Meena.

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