May 192013

  9 Responses to “How to have good communication skills”

  1. i am just started to watching the videos from few days.All are great.

  2. thank’s madam it is very use full video for me thank you very much madam

  3. too good.. not only for communication skill but you also improve self confidence with this video

  4. Thank u all for your comments and likes. Watch my next video on how to have good communication skills part 2

  5. Awesome Mam, It’s very good video. I like it so much.I think this video will be helpful for students. After watching this video student will gain a lot of confidence for talking in front of public.
    Thanks for this video mam.

  6. Wow!!! fantastic Mam, this is very good and enthusiastic video.I like it very much.I am very thankful to Mam for this video because it help me for gaining lot of confidence. Thanks again and again for this video it’s very very good video.

  7. Wow its good video. I like it very much. I think that you solve my problem. well done madam. I really thankful for these video. Great. great and great…………………..

  8. Thanks a lot for this great video. I have also the same problem you have talked about. Now i have understood what my problem is and how I have to solve it. Thankls a lot for this valuable and practical advice.

  9. This is the best video I have ever come across. I strongly feel she has great knowledge of psychology. If we really want to have good communication skills we must be self-believers. We must feel WE CAN WE CAN WE CAN. Great video. Thanks a lot madam.

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