Jun 012013

SONU: Hi, Rosy. How was your New York visit?
ROSY: Fantastic. I loved the city. It is very hot here, in Delhi.
SONU: You know for almost six months weather is unpleasant or bad in this city. What about New York?
ROSY: I love the weather of New York. There is not too much heat during summer season, like it is in Delhi. Mostly summers are cool.
SONU: Most likely it will rain tomorrow. I love rains.
ROSY: I also love rains, but frequent humidity during rainy season causes me headaches.
SONU: I think weather during November to February is beautiful in New Delhi.
ROSY: Yes. But winter of New York is very cold. Average temperature goes down much below zero. But I love the snowfalls during winter season.
SONU: Should we go out for shopping today?
ROSY: It is sunny outside. I won’t be able to go. Yes we may go in the evening if weather is pleasant.
SONU: Why don’t you shift to Bangalore. It is neither too cold nor too hot there.
ROSY: I am trying to find a job there. Summer of Delhi is a curse. Temperature often goes past 45 degree Celsius here.
SONU: It becomes a hell. I can’t tolerate the heat. My uncle lives in London. It has a beautiful climate.
ROSY: Yes. London is a wonderful city.

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