Jun 252013

VISITOR: Excuse me please….. I want to do a course in English.

RECEPTIONIST: Please have a seat. What do you want to learn?

VISITOR: I want to gain fluency. I also make grammatical mistakes.

Receptionist: What is your educational qualification?

VISITOR: I am a graduate.

RECEPTIONIST: (Showing the leaflet of course information) You can do a 3 months’ Fluent English course.

VISITOR: Will my English be perfect after this course?

RECEPTIONIST: To gain mastery in English we need years of learning and practice. So we shouldn’t use word ‘perfect’.

VISITOR: Shall I be able to speak fluently and correctly?

RECEPTIONIST: You will improve a lot. Our teachers are capable. Students get a good guidance. If you follow the instructions of the teachers properly your progress will be excellent.

VISITOR: Can you a give a trial class?

RECEPTIONIST: Trial classes confuse a student, so we don’t give.

VISITOR: But, how can I be sure that training is good here?

RECEPTIONIST: You can start by depositing registration fee only. Pay your course fee after three or four days.

VISITOR: I am happy with this arrangement. How many students do you keep in a group?

RECEPTIONIST: About 15 students, because in small groups you learn better.

VISITOR: When will you start my class if I take admission tomorrow?

RECEPTIONIST: Your class will be started from coming Monday.

VISITOR: I have visited several English training centers to find a good one for me.

RECEPTIONIST: I hope you will get satisfaction with our coaching. I am giving you information leaflet and an admission form.

VISITOR: Thanking you. I’ll come tomorrow to take admission.


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  1. i am from libya i need admission course english

    • You can join our online English classes. Please contact us for further information on 9311811011 or 9310001999

  2. what is your total course fees and course time.

  3. Hello, I want to learn english speaking .

    • Parsa If you really improve your communication skill then I will suggest you visit our center Tilak Nagar, see information leaflet and talk to mam about course details.Here teacher are very co-operative and hardworking you also improve your English.

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