Jul 172013

Sunita : Good morning. Is it Star hospital?
Receptionist : Good morning madam. It is the number of Star hospital. How can I help you?
Sunita : I need to consult a gynaecologist of your hospital. Who is the best gynaecologist of your hospital?
Receptionist : Our all the doctors are well experienced. They all are the best. You know madam we are famous for our good services.
Sunita : Ok. What are the timings for meeting?
Receptionist : 8 to 11 in the morning and 6 to 9 in the evening.
Sunita : Do I need to take appointment?
Receptionist : I would advise you to fix an appointment so that you do not have to wait much.
Sunita : Can I fix an appointment on phone?
Receptionist : yes madam.
Sunita : Can I fix appointment on the same number?
Receptionist : Yes madam you can fix appointment on this number.
Sunita : When should I fix an appointment?
Receptionist : You need to fix an appointment alleast one day before the meeting.
Sunita : What is the consultation fee?
Receptionist : It is Rs. 500/-
Sunita : Would you please tell me the names of your doctors?
Receptionist : Yes madam. Their names are Dr. Sunidhi, Dr. Megha, Dr kalpana, Dr. preeti and Dr. Urvarshi.
Sunita : Who is the senior most?
Receptionist : Dr. Megha is the senior most.
Sunita : Ok. I want to meet Dr. Megha tomorrow.
Receptionist : At what time do you want to come?
Sunita : I would come at 8 in the morning. Please fix an appointment. Would she come on time? I am working and after meeting her I have to go to my office.
Receptionist : Do not worry madam. She is very punctual.
Sunita : Ok. Thanks. I would come tomorrow.


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