Sep 022013

WABS TALK at Rajouri Garden has put in exemplary work in providing the students with the extra edge that is needed in this world where communication means a lot. They have had a laudable approach towards students in making them imbibe the confidence needed to step up in front of people and speak without any hesitancy. I would consider them a top drawer or bellwether in communication because of the strategies they have adopted to help the students learn grammar, communication, public speaking and interpersonal skills. They invigorate the spark in you not just to face the world with confidence but also to be meritorious in every phase of life. The one thing I’m sure of is that the humongous improvement in the student’s communication skills will be conspicuously seen in everyone’s eyes…

May God bless WABS TALK and ROCKY SAGOO sir !

Aakash, WABS TALK (Public Speaking Institute)

Aakash, Rohini

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