Dec 062013
How to Have Good Communication Skills

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  1. Hii sir/mam,

    i want to learn english with in 30 days….any how ..i can speak but i can’t speak fluent..i stuck everywhere…that why every company rejecting me….its very big problem for me …. becoz my family depends only me so if is there anyone please help me …i need your support

  2. it is stunning video for all people who learn enlgish

  3. I understand what is speak other person, but I could n’t speak well them. please help me to speak in English well.

  4. i understand speech. but i will not spoke properly

    • You may join us. We shall help you. Feel free to contact us on these numbers. 9311811011, 9310001999

  5. i want to learn english

  6. best way to learning english

  7. i can’t speak in english fluently. what tips i take to speak in english?

  8. plis english larn tips giv me plis help

  9. Do you provide online course on advance spoken english.

    • We have online class option. Please contact us for further details. 9311811011, 9310001999

      • dear sir,mam
        i want to leant english bt i feel ilke unable due to my stammer i need help t overcome this problem..

        • We can help you. For further information you may contact us on these numbers 9311811011, 9310001999

  10. help me to learn english

  11. i want 2 learn english

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