Feb 082014

raj ji

WabsTalk means a lot to me. I  am an engineer with a degree and knowledge. Before I joined WabsTalk I did not know how to express my views. My English was not so good. I used to have big pauses during debate and speech. I used to make grammar mistakes in speaking.

One day I got to know about WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar). I came for an enquiry. Teacher listened to me with great interest. She gave me enough time and guided me  very well. I felt very satisfied and took admission.

I was very much nervous on my first day. My teacher told me to introduce myself. It was really very difficult as I did not know how to express myself before others but she gave me enough confidence and I introduced myself to my classmates.

And today because of my teacher’s support and institute’s help I am very confident. A teacher plays a very important role in an individual’s life. In WabsTalk all the teachers are very supportive, knowledgable and experienced. They know very well how to help a student improve. The most important thing here is a student gets individual attention of his teacher for his over all improvement.

Raj Chandra


West Patel Nagar

Student of Tilak Nagar

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  1. my english knowledge is too bad\poor and i am unable to share my feelings .
    can you suggest me in this regard

    • You can join our English classes. Please contact us for further information on 9311811011 or 9310001999

  2. i just wanted to join webs talk for a winner

  3. plz can you help me improving my english

  4. i have a great wish to speak an exellent english,and i just wanted to be a good english spoker .can you help me in this

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