Aug 072014

Life is what we make it. In the account of life, we can only withdraw the things we have deposited into it. We get only one life to live but if done properly,one life is enough. Therefore, it is very important to prioritize your life.

Now read the story written below .

Once a boy went to a saint & asked him to tell him the ways to get success in life. The saint asked him to bring two tubs, big rocks, small stones , sand and wine. The boy did as the saint instructed. After getting all the listed things he asked the saint what he was supposed to do next. The saint asked him to fill a tub and the boy chose wine to fill it with as it was easiest to do with wine . Rocks and stones would have taken more physical strength. After completing the task , he asked the wise man that what it meant . The wise man told him that the tub was his life and the choice he made to fill it (live it ) was wrong. He again started with other tub,this time giving the instructions himself. He first asked the boy to put the rocks in the tub & he did .The saint explained that this tub is your life and rocks are your goals,aims & dreams . These are the first priority in life,without them the life is useless. Then he asked him to put small stones as there was still much space . The boy did as he was said . Now the saint explained that small stones ,here, are your family & friends which keep you going towards your goals & dreams . Then as directed,the boy put sand in the tub and was explained that sand was the society which reminds us to be the better person always by following the society’s norms . Lastly,he was asked to pour wine and fill the complete tub where wine actually covered the part of fun & pleasure.

As illustrated above, the life is beautiful and successful when you prioritize it with the proper balance. And remember, We get only one life to live but if done properly,one life is enough.

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