Sep 292014
Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Ghosts – Live from Bhangarh

Trainer at WABS TALK ‘Rocky Saggoo’ talking about ‘Glossophobia’ (Fear of Public Speaking) and Phasmophobia (Fear of Ghosts) during his trip to ‘Bhangarh Fort’ (Asia’s Most Haunted Place).

Speaker said that he always kept thinking the ideas about overcoming his fears, but nothing was happening, until that one day. By chance, he came across the dialogue by ‘Clement Stone’ that ‘Merely thinking will not overcome your fears, but action will’.

Rocky decided to do something about his fears finally. He made action plans and started tackling his ‘Glossophobia’ (Public Speaking Fear) first. He went to different public places and talked to as many people as he could.

He told that he made mistakes, he stuttered, he got nervous, but he kept trying. Finally, he started feeling more comfortable during Public Speaking.

Then, he talked about ‘Phasmophobia’ (fear of Ghosts). Rocky used to fear a lot in his teenage. He always believed that Ghosts are around him. But then, he decided to tackle this abnormal fear with positive thinking. His action plan brought him to Asia’s Most Haunted Place. He found nothing there though.

But, because of his action plancs, Rocky Saggoo has been able to control his ‘Glossophobia’ and ‘Phasmophobia’. His trip to ‘Bhangarh’ also ended successfully.

Watch his video below:-

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